Red Curtain: The Great Pretender

choreography, kevin zambrano . calarts  .  april 2018


A prequel to Kevin Zambrano’s first installment of the Red Curtain series (“Red Curtain vs. The People”), “Red Curtain: The Great Pretender” is a full theatre/ immersive experience into the mind of the iconic performer and dancer, Vaslav Nijinsky. Correlating the beauty and elegance of the Ballet Russe with the grit and glamor of Freddie Mercury’s very own Queen. “Red Curtain: The Great Pretender” follows a famed performer as his ego deteriorates himself from the inside out; how the love for perfection and attention can heighten one’s superego to Godly proportions, in turn, losing self in the process of creating one’s best artistic work.

Concept/Direction/Choreography/Red Curtain: Kevin Zambrano
The Creature: Brìghde Ehst
The Created: Chenhui Mao Catalina Jackson-Urueña Liessa Son and William Mallett
Musical Arrangements/ Composer/ The Pianist: T.J. Keanu
Dramaturg and Artistic Liaison: Fallon M. Brooking
Scenic Design: Song E Park
Lighting Design: Christine Elizabeth
Mask Creations: Iggy Soliven Rachel Mason
Poster Design: Devon Kasarjian

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