Catalina Jackson-Urueña, Colombian-American Bay Area native, began her dance training under Beth Hoge at Danspace in Oakland. She has had the pleasure of working closely with Claudine Naganuma (dNaga Dance Company), Paola Escobar (Borderline Movement), and Marissa Osato. Her own pieces (dance, film, poetry, & installation work) have been shown at CalArts, RedCat, MOCA Geffen, The Place London, Frame Rush Dance Film Festival ’19, Edinburg Fringe Festival ’19, and Brockus Shift/WEST Spring Residency ‘20.

She is currently performing with MashUp Dance Company and freelance performing. She recently performed in Conference of the Birds at The BROAD Stage, Scripps College, and Getty Villa while working as the associate producer for LACDC’s fall productions.

While in LA, Cat has performed works by Tess Hewlett, Waeli Wang, Sarah Rodenhouse, Victoria Brown, Stephanie Heckert, Kevin Zambrano, MarieElena Martingano, and André Mergerdichian.

Most recently, Cat has been inspired to facilitate creative spaces in her community. Pulling from interdisciplinary experiences at CalArts, Cat and Dylan Freeman co-founded Stadium Feedback, an event company dedicated to creating inclusive, playful, multilayered spaces where artists from all mediums meet to perform, share work, mingle, and instigate joy. stadiumfeedback.com

~influential projects~

Claudine Naganuma’s driving spirit and generosity behind The GIRL Project has inspired Cat’s own artistic voice and interests. She volunteered as a chaperone, dance assistance, and videographer in GIRL ’16 empowerment dance workshops at the EastSide Cultural Center.

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dNaga Dance Company’s work in the Dance for PD® community has been a huge part of Cat’s dance background growing up. In addition to leading The Dance for PD® program at Danspace, Claudine Naganuma began her own PEACE Project with dNaga Dance creating a multigenerational space allowing dancers with Parkinson’s to tell their stories, have community, and perform.

dNaga performed at the World Parkinson Congress ’16 in Portland, Oregon and the World Parkinson Congress ’19 in Kyoto, Japan.

Glimpse of dNaga Dance at the WPC ’16: here
Interviewees: Martha Friedberg, Michelle Johnston, and Cathy Quides.
Videography & Editing: Catalina Jackson-Urueña
Music: Days by Balmorhea

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