Mother Earth

protest performance . calarts . january 2017

Inspired by specific thematic elements in Tales of Ovid*, “Mother Earth” creates powerful images incorporating women and nature, speaks to sexual violence, rape, and the current political events while displaying empowered women.

CalArts Blog: Mother Earth

*Specific texts utilized in movement creation:

‘The girl wept. Suddenly, she hated the forest the flowers, that had watched while it


‘Some are transformed just once and live their whole lives after in that shape. Others

have a facility for changing themselves as they please.’

‘And her mother on earth, among flowers. Her nature too is divided. One moment

gloomy as hell’s king, but the next bright as the sun’s mass, bursting from clouds.’

‘Earth’s natural plenty no longer sufficed. Man tore open the earth, and rummaged in her


‘This love of male and female’s a strange business. Fifty fifty investment in the madness,

yet she ends up with nine-tenths of the pleasure.’

‘What the lamb feels when the wolf’s jaws are ripping the edge of the shed door or what

the hare feels, peering through the walls of grass blades when the circling hounds lift

their noses.’

‘Land, sea, air, were all there but not to be trodden or swum in.’

‘Echo who cannot be silent when another speaks. Echo who cannot speak at all unless

another has spoken. Echo who always answers back.’

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