and counting

photo by noel rico

It is estimated that about 1 trillion bags are thrown away each year worldwide. 
That’s about  1 million bags per second. 
It takes about 1000 years for plastic to degrade which means every piece of plastic that has ever been produced has not yet been degraded.

and counting’ is a moving sculpture of bodies and bags, meant to be viewed in the round.
Inspired by landfills, excess, consumption, and the slow process of biodegradation we set out to create a live sculpture that embodies the space and time plastic waste occupies. 

We acknowledge that plastic is a vital material in today’s society, but at what cost? It’s in our food, air, and water. Our bodies are in contact with plastic constantly. A study in the journal of Environmental Science and Technology has found that humans consume 39,000-50,000 pieces of micro plastic a year. 
Plastic is unavoidable but finding ways to recycle, reduce, and reuse single use plastic will create a healthier environment for all beings.

and counting . 2020 . Brockus Project Studios
catalina jackson-urueña & abriel gardner
photos by marissa mooney

photos by noel rico

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